Fast-track Growth Program

Online Training for New Project Managers

Discover 6 Pillors of the Growth Framework

The G-R-O-W-T-H framework gives you the essential elements for project delivery.
Refer to it often as a reminder of the framework within which to work as a project manager.

  • G - Governance
  • R - Right Balance
  • O - Objective, Vision and Scope
  • W - Work Breakdown Structure and Planning
  • T - Tactical Project Management Skills
  • H - Human Resources - Interpersonal Skills

What Can You Achieve with the
Growth Program?

The fastest way to grow critical Project Management competencies like technical and interpersonal skills, and become a confident project manager!
Forget about the uncertainty. Never again worry about projects taking longer than planned or going over budget. Because once you know the project management foundation secrets inside this exciting Program, you’ll never again struggle with not knowing what to do, when to do it and how! 
In the fast-track Growth Program you:

  • Receive a detailed, step-by-step, solid education.
  • Become clear about the responsibilities of your new role
  • Discover how to plan your career and become a Professional Project Manager.

What Will You Learn from the Growth Program for New Project Managers?

Here's a break-down of what you can expect in the training program:

Module 1

Growth Framework with the acronym as a reminder of the essential elements for successful project delivery

Module 2

Technical Project Management Skills covering process, methodologies and standards

Module 3, 4

Key Soft Skills for PM's like Leadership, delegation etc
PM Career Path framework
and designations

Module 5, 6

Growth Strategies with personal growth and development plan
Characteristics of a
Professional PM

About the Trainer, Linky van der Merwe

Linky founded Virtual Project Consulting with the mission to provide project management best practices advice and to recommend resources to aspiring and existing project managers.

With her extensive project management experience, she has a deep understanding of the challenges faced on projects daily and how important it is to coach and mentor new project managers to become competent and efficient.

As a certified project management professional (PMP) for 13 years, Linky has trained many project managers for their PMP exams as well as PM Foundation training to new project managers.
Her experience includes working as a project management consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services on programs in the private and public sector, in Telecommunications as well as in the Retail sector.

Check out what other people had to say about the Fast-track Growth Program...

Value & insight!

The Growth Program taught me about soft skills and what my individual strengths are. The biggest benefit was that the Program really embodies the framework of project management and gave me valuable insight.
If you’re new to project management then this Program will give you clear guidance on the career path and options for project managers.

Mark Spogter

Helps to keep the focus

The GROWTH framework is awesome and helps to keep the focus. 
Linky is always willing to share her knowledge with aspiring and existing project managers. She has taken her wealth of experience to develop a program for new project managers that is very practical, fast-paced and  based on best practice.

Sandra Gordon